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GNW: Sydney to Newcastle FKT 2021

Preparing for GNW100 - Week 1 - Thursday

Jacobs Ladder

Another heavy day of training, not much spare time and a broken skateboard

Stretching and Rolling
This morning it's hill repeats. Matt gives me all sorts of different hill repeats to do and today is a new one. From the bottom of the ramp at Bateau Bay to the top of Reserve Drive (where it makes the right hand turn). 5 repeats at 85% and running hard down (so no recovery). I don't mind hill repeats, I mean they're hard and they hurt and I often dread them, but they serve a purpose. Sometimes the fear of having to do the hill repeats is worse then the hill repeats themselves and at the end of it my legs always have that good heavy feeling which means that I've worked hard.

With my skateboard still broken (It needs new Pivot Cups). I setup my stretching and rolling session in the office. I prefer the gym, but the office will work. Followed up by a walk to the park with the cool Mustering Point sculpture (what I've been calling the steel church) and back. The sculpture is huge, the size of a building with an open roof.

My evening session takes place in Matt Murphy's very fancy home gym. The hardest part of the session is the Jacobs Ladder macine. It doesn't look like it would be hard, I mean it's just climbing a ladder, but after a couple of minutes my quads and calves are burning and I'm sweating like crazy. Then it's a matter of pushing through. Although tonight with only 3 minutes at a time is a lot easier then my last session which was a continual 20 minutes.
AM - Hill Repeats; Shelly - Bateau warmup, 5 * Reserve Drive repeats, Bateau - Shelly cooldown
Lunch - Stretching & Rolling
PM - Matt's gym session; Warmup run to the tower and back, 4 * Circuit in Matt's home gym: 3min Jacobs Ladder, 15 pikes in the TRX, 30 seconds each leg step-ups, 10 KB Swings, Walking the foam balance beam. Cooldown run to the top of the stiars and back
The Steel Church

I had 2 more Black Bean Quesadilla's leftover and they are oh so tasty.
Breakfast: Black Bean Quesadilla
Lunch: Black Bean Quesadilla
Snacks: Banana, Small Mocha, Pear
Dinner: 3 * Corn Thins with Cream Cheese and a glass of milk

Most of my work is coding and testing the code, sometimes the code takes longer to test then it does to write. I actually quite enjoy coding, it's like solving a whole heap of little puzzles while getting to listen to podcasts (Today the podcasts are: Science Vs & Snap Judgment). However I did have to explain when my parcel from arrived, honestly it was just chicken accessories.

What Else I Get Up To
There's not much spare time of a Thursday but I did manage to get in my grocery shopping after the session at Matt's home because it's the only time I'll get a chance to do it. A lot of the time my life seems to be running/training & work. That's pretty much it. But if I didn't love running then I wouldn't be doing it.


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