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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

A Very Hot Six Foot Track

Six Foot Track was shaping up to be a big race this year, and there was a lot of added pressure to do well after the result at Tarawera and the Ultra168 pre-race article. I’m pretty sure I was recovered and was also trained up, but for some reason I always find Six Foot Track a challenge, it's just that bit too short and fast for me. Although I had every intention of giving this race my all and seeing what happened. The race weekend started off with a leisurely trip up to the mountains with mum (support crew), Katy & Kirsten (two fellow Trotters & friends who I was hoping would do really well). A nice stop for lunch at Leura, picking up race packs & supplies, my afternoon jog around Katoomba and pre-race Pasta. All went to plan. The day of the race arrived and lacking a toaster, I had half a hot cross bun with peanut butter & banana and then it was off to pick up Kirsten before mum dropped us at the not so secret drop off spot, while she continued on to Blackheath t