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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

Spartan Super Brisbane

Dad and I flew up to Brisbane the day before Spartan , we were on the same flight as some of the top Central Coast Obstacle Course Racers; Matt , Ryan, Matt & Jarrad. Once we got to Brisbane we picked up our hire car and headed out to Ipswich . The weather was terrible; it was cold and raining. I have NEVER been to QLD when it was cold I actually thought that it never got cold there. Dad had a sleep that afternoon while I went off and did some exploring around Ipswich. I found Queen’s park and wandered around the very impressive Japanese Gardens. That evening we met up with the other OC racers for dinner. Everyone, especially me was very nervous about tomorrows race. The next morning was foggy and cold, but at least it wasn’t raining. We headed out to the course early, parked and I picked up my race pack. I met up with everyone else at the OCRL tent as they were all trying to stay warm and prepare themselves for todays race. After a bit of a warm up, I got geared up in my Bounce