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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

10km Sun Run & Why Running Only 10km's is Really Hard

There's something especially hard about a 10km race. Unlike other events where I get to catch my breath by having to hike up a mountain or getting a long downhill that I can just let loose on and use to recover, for me a 10km race is a constant grind where I feel like I never get to catch my breath and my heart rate is going through the roof. The Sun Run is no different, although it is very scenic. I was lucky enough to win an entry through a competition that R4YL was running, and as I was in Sydney that day anyway the race fitted in perfectly. This was very much a Sydney race, lots of people, lots of good looking gear and a scenic location right on the beach as the start. I positioned myself near the start of my wave and got ready to race, this race starts straight up what looks like a gentle hill, but is actually steeper then it looks, or maybe I just go out too hard and it makes my heart rate go sky high so it feels like a steep hill. Either way this year I was better prepared a