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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

Falling apart at Solitary

I had a free entry to the Running Wild Mt Solitary run this year after placing 3rd in the event last year. Both years it’s only fallen a week after Buffalo Stampede so I have not really been at my best, and possibly at my worst. But I figured, free entry, super pretty run, I like running, I like racing, at least I should have fun. I left home at 3:30am on Sunday morning for the 2 ½ hour drive up the mountains, this event as with all Running Wild events was well planned out, parking was easy and I had no issues with the gear check or picking up my race pack. There were a few other Trotters up there running, plus a lot of random runners that I’d met at past events or even at Buffalo the previous week (but no Grand Slammers) so I had plenty of people to chat to. Then it was time to race/run. I nestled somewhere into the middle of the pack start and it was a very fast start as the course quickly turned into a steep descent down Kedumba. My legs were not really over the trauma of last week’

Conquering the Buffalo

Normally I’m pretty quick at putting up the post-race blog post, but after this race I needed a few days to decompress, then, well, then I was back at work and had to do work... with uh, Office Sandwich Toaster & Wide World of Beers & the Friday BBQ... You know important stuff. Anyway now it’s time to talk about the Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam. The Grand Slam was thought up last year by a couple of guys and I honestly thought they were completely and utterly crazy and was happy just to stick to my Ultra SkyMarathon. But having already conquered the Ultra, this year it was time to step it up and the Grand Slam was now an official race. Taking place over 3 days it took in the 3 of the Buffalo Stampede races, leaving out only the Kids Races (I could have taken them!) and the Sky12’er which was on at the same time as the Sky26’er and on the same course, so I pretty much did that and kept going ;) Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam Races: Day 1 - Friday Race: Sky26’er Length: 25km Elevatio