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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

Six Foot Track compared to an obstacle race

Six Foot Track is a grueling 45km trail marathon from the Explorer’s Tree, Katoomba to Caves House, Jenolan Caves. Runners have just 7 hours to complete what is normally a 3 day hike. This was my second year doing the race and this year I was up at the front of the pack in wave 1. For the past year, since I’d last run Six Foot Track, I’d been primarily focusing on Obstacle Races, racing 9 different obstacle races over the course of the year, including almost all of the Spartan Races. So how did the two compare? Six Foot Track starts in the dark, down steep, slippery stairs. I had no intention of falling over and hurting myself in the first couple of km’s, so I stuck to the back of the wave chatting with some of the older runners as we trudged down the stairs. A few of the wave 2 runners caught up towards the bottom and they were powering, no thought to personal safety at all! One of those guys I came across a few km’s later had 2 twisted ankles, so I’m going to say I had the righ