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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

UA - Charged Bandit 2 Review

Thanks to Under Armour Australia & Running Heroes I recently got to try out the new UA Charged Bandit 2 running shoes. This happened to fit in nicely with my return to running, having been out injured for the past few months. I really like my Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2’s and have been happily wearing them around for the past year, so I was quite keen to try out the new UA shoes and the Bandit 2’s did not disappoint! They feel very similar to my Gemini 2 with a fairly rigid sole and light material on top. However unlike the Gemini 2’s the material on top is less like mesh and more of a stretchy fabric. Which I actually prefer as it means my toes are no longer being blasted by wind and freezing while riding my bike in the early hours of the morning. The sole provides a good amount of cushioning while remaining fairly dense so I can push off hard, but can also run comfortably on a concrete bike track. There isn’t a great deal of grip on the bottom, but being the style of runn