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Random Trail Running Gear That I Love 🏃‍♀️🏞❤️

Carcoar Cup

I heard about the Carcoar Cup on the Coolrunning forums from some of the Western Sydney Marathon runners who were heading out there to race it and it seemed like a great excuse for a weekend of running and camping. Carcoar is a tiny little town about 30 minutes outside of Orange that appears to exist in the century before last, there's not a whole lot there besides the pub, but it was a pretty decent pub which did a tasty pre-race pasta dinner. We had a slight hiccup the day before the race which had us on the side of the Mid Western Hwy with a flat tyre after doing a driving tour of the course. Darren Mclellan stopped to see if we needed assistance, but the NRMA was already on the way and I was soon in possession of a car with a space saver tyre on it that would not be getting us the 300kms home, but I would deal with that after the race. The race started at 8:00am from the main street in Carcoar and it was freezing, I was keen to start running just to warm up, the initial part of

GNW100 - My First Ultra

I'd been pretty nervous in the days leading up to this race, not only was it my first ultra, but also a local race put on by Terrigal Trotters who I run with. The start line at Teralba was a well organised affair with the check-in, weigh-in, and pre-race briefing all running smoothly. I caught up with dad (who was volunteering at various points over the weekend) and a few other Trotters who I was glad to see were as nervous as me. With everyone sorted the final countdown was on and we were herded out onto the road, then we were off at a very slow pace. By far the slowest I've ever started any race... it was going to be long day. I spent most of the climb to the motel running with another guy and just chatting. I had no idea if I was going out too hard, I just knew that there was at least one woman in front of me and I was going a lot easier than I did while training. Dad directed us across the road at the motel and I had Shona just behind me as we started the climb up to the co